Heal Your Past

Get rid of past painful memories, fear, phobias, trumas, loss, guilt and internal conflict that constantly gives you pain. Its high time to heal your past. Healing past is the first step in healing yourself.

Empower Your Present

You may be facing some financial issue, health issue, relationship issue or anything else that may be preventing you from enjoying your success and happiness. To overcome any present issue, you need to make yourself bigger than the issue at your subconscious level.

Embrace Your Future

If knowingly or unknowingly, you unconscious mind has perceived your future as ‘uncertain’, ‘indefinite’ or ‘dark’; your unconscious mind will not help you to achieve anything worthy. In this workshop, you will plant the new maps of your wonderful and certain future.


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NLP Courses

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Top Experts

Ram Verma

Ram Verma is the only NLP coach in India who has developed and delivered a number of customized NLP modules; like NLP workshops for Wellness, Students, Couples, Corporate Excellence, Sales, Team Building, Leadership, Weight Management and Senior Citizens etc; thus helping new trainers to make their mark in the field of training. His version of Applied Fundamentals of NLP is most sought after as it has the scientific and practical approach of the subject. With his wide experience and creativity, he has not only been helping new trainers and coaches to learn NLP and also helping them launch themselves with readymade customized workshop contents.


I feel proud being one of the NLP students of Mr Ram Verma. After learning NLP for eight days, I was highly motivated by my mentor Mr Ram Verma to apply these techniques in public as soon as the course was over. The first client was my own small daughter. I trained my daughter Jiya with these techniques and changed everything for her. Today my daughter Jiya has appeared on more than twenty national and state TV.

Vinod Phutela

I am Dr Ravindra Vishvakarma from Dhanbad. I learnt NLP from Mr Ram Verma in 2013. I had a little knowledge of NLP prior to attending the eight day course. In eight days I learnt not only the structured concepts of NLP but also got deep and practical knowledge of this wonderful human mind tool. With the help of NLP I have multiplied my income. Today I enjoy the reputation of being the best Physics teacher in my city.

Ravindra Vishvakarma